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Dibble and Dabble Community Center by Edith & Jezenia
Szymborski Bandstand @ Carteret Park

The Dibble and Dabble Creativity Center painted a piano for the 2016 debut of the program.  Dibble and Dabble is an instructor taught design studio that offers artistic instruction using various mediums.  

Dibble and Dabble Creativity Center oftens volunteers at the Borough's various community events to bring art to the community.  

(Click on the picture above for directions to the piano)

The sides of the piano pay homage to the late, great, artist Vincent Van Gogh.  Van Gogh's Starry Night has been beautifully divided in half and replicated on both sides of the piano.  Van Gogh was chosen as a juxtaposition infusing our contemporary "non-traditional" medium with a classical work of art. 

The front of the piano pays tribute to the tools of the artist.  Dibble and Dabble seeks to put in the hands of individuals of all ages a variety of tools to unleash the inner creativity that lies within each of us.  

Toward the bottom of the piano, just above the pedals, is a poignant Oprah Winfrey quote that reminds us that that our lives are a creative work of art.

The top of the piano contains a creative illustration of a brain with colorful active brain waives accompanied by an Albert Einstein quote, "Creativity is intelligence having fun."

The back of the piano is painted to reflect the
primacy of the sense of community plays in the development of our youth.  It features one of Carteret's youth, carefree, happy and enjoying the life this community has provided.  



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